Climate Farmers: Naga Bakehouse

Climate Farmers: Naga Bakehouse

A family run bakehouse, garden, and gristmill using locally grown grains and ingredients, Naga is a member of the 2024 Climate Farmer Stories Project cohort.

In their own words:

“If we’ve all learned anything since the pandemic, it’s that a local, resilient, diversified food system is crucial to the needs of people and the planet. 

We run a small family business with a micro-farm, gristmill, and wood-fired bakery. We grow many of the ingredients for our bakery, and supplement with other locally sourced ingredients. We grow select heirloom varieties of wheat and are planting trials of perennial wheat for use in our baked goods. Looking toward the future, we are planting perennial nut trees which will also be used for flour in the mill. 

We are actively working to re-localize the food system. By building infrastructure to change grain into flour, we are supporting a vibrant, local economy in our region. We work with local and regional farmers growing the highest quality grains and staple foods which we mill and bake with to create a nutrient dense, flavorful, local product and shorten the supply chain for good food grown right.”

  • Date November 29, 2023
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